Coffin Dodgers is available now on Amazon and Godless Horrors. The kindle edition of Coffin Dodgers comes with five exclusive illustrations.

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In the year 2030, a dying scientist released a volatile pathogen into the atmosphere. It granted the elderly a plethora of augmented abilities, near-immortality, and an insatiable bloodlust for the generations that have wronged them.
The war between the Greys and the Resistance has now been raging for over two hundred years. The Resistance are all but defeated. Their survival depends on the success of one man’s mission — infiltrate the Grey’s sanctum and retrieve the antivirus.
Raised in solitary confinement on a strict diet of cigars and alcohol, Wilhelm Baggotry has successfully prematurely aged his body to that of a ninety-year-old.
But will it be enough to fool the Greys and gain their trust? Or will the Resistance be destroyed, and youth become a thing of the past?

Coffin Dodgers is a bizarre tale of love, loss, and depravity that is guaranteed to leave you with an irrational fear of butterscotch.
Available now on Amazon and Godless Horrors

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“You’ll never look at a mantis the same way again. Especially if you intend to fuck or marry it.” Sean Hawker, Author of The Captive Dwarf

Growing up is never easy, especially when the person you love is turning into a giant fucking mantis.

Jacoboby Bentley and his friends know little of life outside the Super Mantis Killas (SMK). Their day to day lives consist of drinking cheap booze, good drugs, video games, and the occasional mantis-beatdown.

But when Jacoboby’s girlfriend and long-term best friend, Millie, starts to become a mantis, he finds himself questioning everything he has been raised to believe in, unsure of where his loyalties lie. It would be easy to treat her like any other manti-person — regular beatings, chase her out of town, eventually kill her — but is that really what he wants? Or is he willing to turn his back on everyone and everything that he’s ever known in order to spend the rest of his life with her, facing the wrath and retribution of the clan?

Things Were Easier Before You Became a Giant Fucking Mantis shoves you into a bizarre world populated by manti-people, clansmen, and a happy little gnome that you would definitely not want to leave alone with your child.
Beyond Human is available now on Amazon

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It was supposed to be a simple rescue mission: secure the doctor and return to the surface.

A task that Nade Wilhelm and Pip Damon of ALPHA Team could be forgiven for considering beneath them. But there are things thriving in the underground facility that would have been better off undiscovered. Things that make short work decimating the rest of their team in front of them. The pair must act fast and work together to survive against an unstoppable enemy that is out for their blood.

After a startling revelation deeper into the facility, Nade and Pip are forced to question their own motives for survival. Do they really deserve to be the ones to live? Or do they follow their instincts and put a stop to the questionable activities they have uncovered, effectively bringing about the end of all humanity?

Beyond Human is a fast-paced survival horror that will haunt you long after you’ve turned the last page.
Book one of the episodic battle royale series, The Second Cumming, is available now on Godless Horrors.


Can an unlikely crew of misfits save the world from terrorism?
How about if the entire population of the planet was against them?
Probably not.
But what if the Second Cumming happened to coincide with their most important mission, and a blue-balled Jesus ended up pitting every terrorist organization against one another in a battle royale?
Not much better.
Perhaps their chances would improve if Ghengis Khan, Adolf Hitler, and Kim Jung-il were thrown into the mix?
Nah. These guys are pretty much fucked.
 The Second Cumming is a brutal, bizarre, episodic battle royale series from the dude that brought you Coffin Dodgers and Things Were Easier Before You Became a Giant Fucking Mantis.”